Raw Fleece Washing Instructions (Mohair and Wool)

Wash It Up

We have found regular blue Dawn dish soap and warm water works well to wash a fleece.  We wash them by hand being careful not to matt or felt them and keep the locks loose.  This means gently washing/ dunking/ soaking the fleece in soapy warm water and rinsing thoroughly without too much agitation or scrubbing.  Gently squeeze excess water from the fleece and let air dry.

Set up four buckets with warm water (comfortably hot to touch), do two washes and two rinses, rotate and change buckets as the water get too dirty, i.e. the first wash gets dumped, then the second wash becomes the first.  The new clean bucket becomes the last rinse and you keep doing this until your fleece is clean.  Wash a small towel size of a fleece at a time.  It’s better not to try and do the whole fleece at once, i.e. towel size pieces per bucket.  A whole wet fleece would become pretty heavy to work with and harder to get it all evenly clean.  Let air dry completely before carding or spinning.