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                                                       Welcome to the Ovie Ranch!


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The Ovie Ranch specializes in raising pasture fed Navajo-Churro sheep.  We have a small flock of 12 ewes and 1 ram of registered Navajo-Churro Sheep.    Navajo-

Churro sheep are a rare breed which were first brought to the New World in the 16th century by the Spanish.  They are prized for their durable lustrous wool which is

especially suitable for hand spinning, weaving and felting.  They are a hardy and disease resistant breed of sheep.  We also have 10 Angora goat nannies and 1 Angora

goat buck, which we primarily raise for fiber (mohair).  We have wool and mohair fiber, breeding stock, and lambs/kids available for sale. 


  • Washable professionally tanned Navajo-Churro sheep pelts for sale.

Wool is a renewable resource.  The girls are glad to make more next year!


Angora Goats!

We have recently added a small herd of Angora goats to the Ovie Ranch.  They are part of the pasture management team at the ranch. 

Angora goats love to browse on trees and brush as well as a little bit of everything else.  Angora goats have a friendly inquisitive nature.


Farm fresh mohair for sale in white and a variety of natural colors.

Mohair is a soft, strong, warm, lightweight, and lusterous all natural fiber from Angora goats.  It is suitable for handspinning, weaving,

felting, or blending with other fibers such as wool.  When blended with wool it will add strength and luster.  Mohair also makes good doll hair, doll wigs, and Santa beards.


Members of the Navajo-Churro Sheep Association.

Members of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

Members of the Oregon Wool Growers Association.


For more information on sheep, lamb, goats, wool or mohair for sale please contact us:  

Ovie Ranch                                                                                               

Lakeview, Oregon 



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