The Ovie Ranch specializes in raising Navajo Angora Goats.  Our Angora goats are primarily raised for fiber (mohair).  We don’t use herbicides on our pasture.  The goats help in pasture management, they love to eat a little bit of everything including juniper trees and sagebrush.   

We have wool (a few Navajo-Churro fleeces) and mohair fiber available for sale (see link below). We currently have two white Navajo-Churro rams for sale. 

We do supplement with grass/alfalfa during the pasture non-growing season.  We do vaccinate our flock as needed, and treat for parasites (internal and external) as necessary.


White and naturally colored adult, young, and kid Mohair available for sale. 

2021 Spring Sale 1/2 price on adult mohair seconds (=$3.50/lb. + shipping), includes staples 4-5 inches (usually 5-7″), crimped mohair (rather than open, straight locks), lightly matted, and some fleeces with some vegetal matter.  Includes white and colored fleeces.  Email for specifics.


Members of the Navajo-Churro Sheep Association

Members of the The Livestock Conservancy.

For more information on sheep, lamb, goats, wool or mohair for sale please contact us:  

Ovie Ranch                                                                                               

Enterprise, Utah  


emails preferred