Navajo-Churro Raw Wool Fleeces for Sale

Wool a renewable resource!

We have six or seven wool fleeces available.  Primarily white, but we do have a badger fleece (see photo below).

Navajo-Churro sheep have a double coated fleece.  The outer coat is long and coarse.  The inner coat is soft and fine.  Navajo-Churro wool is very strong, durable and lustrous.  We shear once a year.  The staple length is typically 10-12 inches.

Our raw wool fleeces have been skirted to remove excess debris.  They have not been washed.  There is still the natural grease with some dirt.  Some vegetal matter may be found in the fleece.  Our sheep are not coated.  They live a natural life style.  See our Raw fleece washing instructions for wool and mohair.