Navajo-Churro sheep and Angora goats for sale.

Navajo-Churro rams, ewes; and Angora goat bucks and does for sale.  One year old $150

All have been wormed and vaccinated.

Navajo-Churro rams.                                                                    Angora goat bucks and does.


Ram lamb #0007 white 2 wide horns.                                              Buck kid #0006 white 2 horns.


Ram lamb #0008 white 2 wide horns.                                            Buck kid #0010 off-white 2 dark horns.


Ram lamb #0015 white 2 horns and 2 scurs.                               Buck kid #0013 tan 2 horns.


Ram lamb #0018 white 2 horns.                                                          Buck kid #0018 white 2 horns (in the back).

Angora goat doe kids


Doe kid #0016 black and white 2 horns.


 Doe kid #0014 off-white 2 horns.                                                  Doe kid #0004 white with black and grey marks.

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